Port of Johnstown
The Port of Johnstown was built in the early 1930's, the Port has gone through many changes and growths throughout the years to now become one of Eastern Ontario's Premier Ports for truck, vessel, and rail shipping and receiving of grains, salt, aggregate, and a variety of project cargo.  In 2014 our name was changed from the Port of Prescott to the Port of Johnstown.  In 2016 the Port completed a 5 year project to expand our Wharf to accommodate a wider variety of project cargo going forward.  In 2018 the Port increased it's lay down space by developing the West Uplands to provide more storage area for various cargos.  As the agricultural and marine industries change and grow, our goal is to change and grow with it.

In October 2000 the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal purchased the Port from Ports Canada.  The "Port Management Committee" which acts as a board of directors is made up of elected officials from the township and two public appointees. 

The mission of the Port of Johnstown is to provide local, national and international clients with an efficient, reliable and affordable intermodal infrastructure in support of foreign and domestic trade, and to contribute actively to regional economic development.

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