The Fort Town Night Run 2024 was dedicated to Sandy Noonan:
"Many of you remember the Noonan family from our community.  This community was shaken when young Jonathan passed tragically in December of 2006.  Sadly, this past December, his mother Sandy lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 50.  Sandy found solace and healing in running after Jonathan’s passing.  Sandy and her family have run and volunteered in our Fort Town Night Run many times in past years.  Many of them are here tonight.  She loved supporting her community and running these races in her son’s memory.  She also worked on the Playground of Angels in Prescott.  She got her start in running when she joined the Athens Streetgang in 2011.  She was also part of the Prescott Pacers and enjoyed running around the scenic streets of Prescott.  Many races, friendships, and kilometers later Sandy and her girl friends continued to run together and fondly called themselves the Lost Girls.  Well known for getting so engaged in conversations during their runs that they often got lost on their routes.  Sandy is lost no more!  She has been reunited with her son, Jonathan, where they are sure to be running together and cheering on their favourite runners from the heavens above."

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